Phone Call is the first short film by Foolish Fox Films and was made in association with L120 Films. It was in production February 16 to 17, 2019. It is currently in post-production.

Synopsis: Gillian said she’d call Max and ask him out, and her friend Rosie is holding her to it, no matter how bad things might go.




Written and Directed by Ivy Miller

Gillian – Ivy Miller

Rosie – Leysan Timirboulatova

Max – Tyler Doyle

Dog – Foxy

Director of Photography – Mark Riddle

Editing/Colouring – Ximena Rios, Mark Riddle

Associate Producers – Ximena Rios, Mark Riddle, Aaron Babin, David Pocock, Robert Dodginghorse, Dick Miller

Assistant Director – Ximena Rios

Lighting – David Pocock

Sound – Robert Dodginghorse

Production Assistant/Stills Photography – Aaron Babin

Catering – Dick Miller, Leysan Timirboulatova, David Pocock

Special Thanks to Dick Miller for vacuuming

Filmed in Calgary, Alberta

©2019 Foolish Fox Films

Foolish Fox Films

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