About Us

Foolish Fox Films is a Calgary film production company founded in 2019 by Ivy Miller. We are committed to sustainable filmmaking and diverse casting, in front of and behind the camera.

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Ivy Miller is a Calgary-Toronto writer, director, producer and actress. She holds a BA in Creative Writing and has also acted in many productions (her acting website can be found here). Her directorial debut, SIV (2018), which she also wrote and co-produced as part of Pippin Productions, got into the Short to the Point Film Festival and the Central Alberta Film Festival. Her second short film and FFF’s first film, Phone Call, won the award for Best Comedy at the Alternative Film Festival in Toronto. Ivy enjoys rainy days with a cup of tea, a good book, and her dog, Skipper.

Foxy was a rescue dog from Calgary. From when she was adopted in 2014, she starred as herself on her YouTube channel Foxy the Lion-Fox, and had a budding Instagram account as @FoxyYYC from 2019. Her acting debut was as Marion Crane in Psycho! – a short classic film spoof of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. She also appeared in such films as “Phone Call” and “Liquid Gold”. Foxy enjoyed stealing socks, snacks, and scenes before she passed in 2020.

Skipper is a rescue dog from California, currently residing in Calgary. Since being adopted in 2021, she has succeeded Foxy as the official Foolish Fox Films mascot and has a budding Instagram account @my.dog.skipper where she often models outfits from her sizeable wardrobe. Skipper has a talent for escaping said outfits, and enjoys morning snuggles, afternoon snuggles, and bedtime snuggles.

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