Audition Taping

Need to tape an audition, but don’t have lights, a camera, or someone to read with? I’ve got your back. I’ll also give feedback—only if you want it—and will make sure it’s ready to go the same day!


It doesn’t have to be an audition either! I can help you film a video interview, YouTube video narration, or anything else you want to film.

Contact for rates.



Why me? I’ve got a home studio for filming and have experience as both a director and actor (you can find my acting resume here). I can give feedback, but please understand I am not an acting coach, and my rates reflect that. (If you’re looking for an acting coach to help with your audition, I’d be happy to pass on a recommendation.)


Script Development Session

Got a story idea you’d like to turn into a script but no idea how to start? I’ll sit down with you and help you work through the plot so that you’re ready to write it into a solid screenplay.

$25 per 30 minute session (For short film ideas)

$50 per 60 minute session (For feature film ideas)


Screenplay Edit

Do you have a partial or finished script and want some feedback or a good edit? I can give you general thoughts and feedback in the form of a write-up, or full-on line edits for more developed screenplays.

Rate is dependent on project. Contact me for more information.

Script edits require the script to be sent a week in advance.


Why me? I have a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Winchester where screenwriting was one of my specialties. I have two years of experience as a freelance editor and am a graduate of the University of Calgary Copy Editing and Proofreading course. I also write my own scripts including the two I have produced.

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